BizAnalyser - A fully automated financial spreading application using a patent pending parsing OCR engine, to read, recreate and categorize business financial statements. BizAnalyser application with Moody's Risk Analyst to provide banks with financial spreading automation without the need to replace legacy software.

AXE Credit Portal

It is the only solution on the market that adequately addresses both the operational (process efficiency) and analytical (decisional) requirements of lending institutions. Faced with more and increasingly sophisticated customers, but often weighed down by manual processes or a too rigid legacy system, credit institutions can increase their efficiency, develop their market position and raise their profitability by further automating lending decisions and risk measurement techniques.

Abisol CRM​

Abisol CRM – It is an All in one solution to fully automate your business while eliminating the need of several costly business applications. Along with other competitive features, our CRM provides sophisticated Work Load Management, Interactions Management, Issue/Case Management and Leads Management features. Email Marketing and Interactive Dashboards are yet other hot features of Abisol CRM.

Cloud Fish - Enterprise Cloud

The enterprise data resides on a number of cloud service. Cloud Fish make it simple for an enterprise to access data by consolidating cloud services in a unified and simple interface. It insert a security layer between enterprise and cloud storage services. Based on industry standard RSA encryption, it protects your enterprise data by encrypting before storing on cloud.